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EURO-TOQUES is an international cooks’ organisation that comprises over 3,500 cooks from 18 countries. It was founded by  Pierre Romeyer, Paul Bocuse, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana, among other illustrious chefs, on 18th November 1986, in Brussels, at the request of the then President of the European Commission,  Jacques Delors.

In Spain, the association is presided over by Pedro Subijana and comprises over 800 cooks, with regional and provincial offices. Among its basic objectives is to protect European culinary heritage in terms of its diversity and its origins, and we at Servicios de Mesa believe that part of this heritage includes the “tools” with which we taste food. That is why we are sponsors of Euro-Toques, to share their effort and their work with cooks, who are fundamental players in the gastronomic and tourist scene.  

We share a commitment with Euro-Toques to a job well done, and that is how we work at our premises in Gernika, manufacturing cutlery that meets the most stringent standards of quality while at the same time being environmentally-friendly, and respecting the rights of all those of us who work at Servicios de Mesa in the hope that the finest possible product will reach all our customers.

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